How to play with a child.

It’s extremely important for a year-old baby to develop his physical and mental skills. To discern his abilities is the task of his parents and it’s important not to lose the moment to start training. And the first thing you have to teach your child is to play games. Games set up a child for a positive wave, teach him to behave unassisted, develop his perception of the world, help to learn new things, train his memory and speech.

There’s so much information around a little baby, and everything should be learned, that’s why parents have to keep in mind that all the aspects for the correct development of a child should be reflected in their games. For example, with a one-year-old child it’s necessary to learn more about nature and music and how to work with a construction set. Games should be various. Every day choose different games which are aimed at developing different child’s skills. Don’t overload a baby with playing and also be in harmony with your and your child’s possibilities, mood and time limits.

At the age of 1 or 2 children manage to play a number of interesting games. Active games such as ‘Hide-and-seek’ and ‘Tag’ are quite popular and you probably know about them. You can also play ‘Day-Night’: when you say ‘Day!’, you both start moving around, jumping, running and stamping, and with the word ‘Night!’ you have to stand still till the next ‘daytime’. By analogy you can play such games as ‘Big and Small’ or ‘Hot and Cold’. Another funny game is called ‘Follow me’. Ask your child to repeat after you and do some simple acts: clap, take your ear, bend forward to a toy on the floor, smile. Let your child run the game and repeat after him.

Among musical games you can choose playing simple musical instruments ( toy instrument included), singing along with you or a tape, dancing to music. Don’t forget about motor function of your child. You can find some funny simple poems which are aimed at counting and read these poems while making fingers and palm massage. It will be easier for a baby to remember the numbers later, and this is useful for his hands. A child should constantly deal with bricks, mosaic and the other small things. Let him sort something out, but be careful about it and watch your child thoroughly, as children can swallow little details.

Dramatization games are intended for the development of artistic skills and expression of a child’s emotions. Prepare some costumes and decorations and play fairy-tales with your kid. Don’t forget about the audience, even if it is his favorite teddy-bear. Role games with dolls and toys and also role plays with the plot such as ‘Shop’, ‘Hospital’ or ‘Phone call’ are also funny and exciting for children.

And then, train your child’s memory playing ‘An extra object’, ‘Find similar things’, ‘Find a wing for a butterfly’, Share the objects into two groups’, ‘What’s changed on the picture?’, etc. Also your child will be fond of articulatory games. Ask him to imitate a wolf howling, a dog barking or a cat lapping milk; blow bubbles with your baby-it’s funny for everybody! There are lots of other games. Just be imaginative and creative: your child will be grateful.

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