The Most Interesting News For June 2012

I believe the most fascinating and the most meaningful news / blog and forum posts are that about scientific discoveries, no matter if they are big or not. Here is a few pieces of news I find pretty interesting:

1.Not So Sweet Tomatoes.

Using genetics scientists discovered why natural tomatoes from your arm are always sweeter than those you buy in a supermarket. They found so called genetic switch responsible for the level of sugar in tomatoes. Tomatoes bred for better transportation and firmness have this switch turned off. Now that the reason of that is known, scientists may create tomatoes that can both: remain fresh for a long period of time and be sweet at the same time.

2.Sms Weather Warnings.

The National weather service now will send weather warnings to smartphone owners that are close to the place of a possible storm. No matter if they are watching TV / listening to the radio or not. The system will warn people about all kinds of nature disasters: hurricanes, dust storms, tsunamis. Warnings will be received by all the owners of late-models smartphones in the form of a text message that will contain 90 characters max and will make a specific noise in order to let owners know that something is going on. Version, Sprint T-Mobile are going to provide this service all over the country while AT&T will only provide it for the citizens of New York City, Washington D. C. and Portland, Oregon.

3.Baby Chimpanzee Killed in the Zoo.

Baby chimpanzee that was born on March 6 was attacked by an adult chimpanzee on June 29. The attack resulted in death of the poor animal. This all happened in front of more than 60 visitors of the zoo. The zoo apologized to all of them for what happened. The thing is: the staff isn’t allowed to approach these animals or at least enter the same space – it is a known fact that chimpanzees can be very aggressive. The dead body of the little chimpanzee was left there till the morning for mother-chimpanzee to grieve.

4.Dinosaurs might be warm-blooded?

Meike Koehler from Spain’s Institut Catala de Paleontologia says their results strongly suggest that dinosaurs were warm-blooded. Scientists found growth lines on the bones of mammals. Such lines show the quick growth of animals – high metabolism which is the feature of warm-blooded animals. And there are such lines on dinosaurs’ bones too.

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