Visiting Japan for the first time.

It could be a challenge for you to visit Japan especially if you do not speak Japanese and are going to visit the country by yourself. So I would like to share some tips that hopefully would help you. Japan is amazing country but it is absolutely different. You should keep it in mind. So before visiting the country learn basic facts about its customs and traditions. It would definitely help you to understand locals and the lifestyle of the Japanese.

In many countries it is a problem to get the Japanese visa. Probably you have to apply for a visa through travel agencies which also provide lodging. Actually it is not that bad as those agencies offer quite inexpensive hotels and inns.

Be ready that not many would understand you. Well, the Japanese like to speak English mainly because it is a perfect chance to improve their spoken skills.

Japanese cities are extremely confusing. So visiting Japan for the first time you would easily get lost. The main problem is that some buildings have no numbers or worse they have no names. At the same time locals are helpful and would help you to find a way. The Japanese are very kind to strangers so they would help you undoubtedly. There are thousands who try to find their ways every single moment in Japan.

Plan your budget. It is well-known that Japan is developed country and living standards are pretty high over there. You should remember about it. If you are going with a friend of yours remember that while staying in a hotel both of you have to pay as it is charged by person. So you can hardly save money on it. If you do not speak Japanese then take an address card that provides address and hotel name. Otherwise you may easily get lost and fail finding a way by yourself. You should also take into account that the accommodation would be pretty modest and simple.

It would be pretty much expensive to travel by train around the country. Also you may easily get lost in the subway. You’d better buy a map providing the instruction. Also you’d better learn about the transportation system of Japan in advance. It would help you later.

If you are going shopping in Japan you’d better prepare cash. The point is that it could be a problem to withdraw money using Japanese ATMs.

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    Advice for traveling to Japan for the first time. A few ATMs started to accept foreigh bank cards but limited to Chinese and Brasilian(maybe?).

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