What to See in Lisbon if You Have a Couple of Days

Lisbon is less popular with tourists than Barcelona or Paris. The people who find themselves there usually have some business or go on an excursion there. In other cases this city becomes the point og changing the planes and the passengers sit in the airport lounge for several hours tired and bored.

But even if you don’t have a plenty of time before boarding Lisbon is worth to be seen. The main thing is to plan your route carefully. If you have more than two hour don’t stay in the airport and set your feet to the downtown. The airport in Lisbon provides the tourists with the bus service for the passengers who have to wait their plane for more than an hour. In that way you will not only get entertained but also have the opportunity to make yourself acquainted with this beautiful and ancient city. Another good alternative is to take a taxi and get off in a nice street to go along a couple of blocks on foot. The taxi cars differ from each other with their colors and prices. Anyway it is better to make sure that the price is appropriate to avoid misunderstanding.

Those who will stay in Lisbon for a day or two should remember always to carry change with them. In the evening the whole city falls asleep. At 7 p. m. Even the native citizens are not likely to be met in the streets. And if you decide to take a taxi there is a possibility that the taxi driver won’t have any change. The banks are closed by that time and the only place where you can have your money broken is the airport.

The rest hours could be spent either in the center of the city or in the suburbs. There are a lot of interesting places to admire, such as Saint George Cathedral, Saint Vincent Church, The Statue of Jesus Christ and many other ones. If the list of the places of interest is carefully planned beforehand one may manage to see the main symbols of Lisbon in one day.

If you have another day you are a lucky one. Consider visiting Sintra, which has the unofficial status of the second capital. The UNESCO declared Sintra to be the unique heritage of humanity. There you will have an opportunity to see the royal palace and the Moresque fortress in a mountain.

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