How to Treat Apathy

What is apathy? It’s a state when all the things and events around us begin to seen boring and dull. The mental and physiological activity drops to its lowest level. A person an the state of apathy doesn’t want to do anything, loses his appetite and ceases communicating with his friends and relatives. The reasons for developing apathy may be different from physical and psychological fatigue to the endocrine system imbalance.

The state of apathy is probably familiar to everyone, but some people don’t remain indifferent and depressed for a long time and the others it can become a real disease. If this recurring problem is neglected apathy may turn into a real depression with the whole set of negative symptoms.

How to treat apathy?

  • The first thing is to let yourself relax for a day or two. If you feel pity for yourself don’t suppress this feeling and allow it take over you. But don’t dwell upon the problems. It’s better to concentrate on your emotions and get satisfied and full with them. Don’t force yourself to smile and chat with others. You may allow spending one or two evenings in a solitude. But don’t isolate yourself completely otherwise you may get accustomed to this state.
  • Treat yourself with the food you enjoy. One or two servings of your favorite nachos with guacamole and salsa salsa won’t do you any harm. Try to go out. Attend concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events. It’s not necessary to bring a crowd of friends with you. Choose a nice company or go alone.
  • Try a new activity. Maybe you have always dreamed of speaking Portuguese. Why not to pick up a new hobby? This will distract you from the negative thoughts.
  • Do some sports. It’s a good way to reduce emotional tension, stimulate your body and keep fit.
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