Moving out tomorrow

Hate these days…

I’m so tired that I can’t even read… Well, I clearly see that I’m a very bad mover-out.

The thing is that I have to leave my apartment tomorrow. And here I am: sitting in the middle of the stuff-hill and writing this blog. Have you ever thought why it is so difficult to pack your thing before moving out?

I think I have the answer. It’s all about the great amount of things you find in every corner of your apartment. When you live at one place you never pay attention to this stuff and you seem to have very few of them. Veeeeeery few. Well, if you think so you are a fool like me)

Only packing the boxes and gathering all the necessary things around I came to understand that I have tons of things I don’t know what to do with. It’s not a matter of my being greedy, it’s a matter of memory. Practically every tiny thing I have found today in my wardrobe carries a particular meaning. So much particular I just can’t put it in my bin. That’s why I’ll take it to my new flat. And then, if I will move out again, this tiny thing will continue traveling with me together with other “significant” tiny things obtained at the new place. Sorry for my being philosophic, but this is stuff circulation which will never have an end.

On the other hand, now looking around I understand that all my cool life has been packed into 12 boxes with a washing machine and a laptop. And that’s all. That is everything I have, everything that surrounds me. It is a bit sad to know that your world (including the inner one) and everything dear to your heart and necessary for your routine life can be packed into boxes. And the fingers on your both hands are enough to count all those boxes up.

Anyway, tomorrow at 6p.m. I will have to leave this place for a better life. And I still have a number of things to do including paying the bills, buying the new household chemicals, moving out, arriving at the new apartment, sorting out all the stuff including “tiny significant things” (they need a new corner, huh?) and everything of that kind. Just awesome busy days!

Recently I have boasted to my friends that I’m capable of fast packing and I never keep unnecessary things (who’s photo is this and what is it doing under my bed???). I seem to have been not right. Maybe next time, at my new apartment I will be more accurate and neat…Or maybe I will have enough strength and will to take all the stuff I don’t use and throw it away… Doubtful. No way if I doubt myself. It’s not gonna work)

My new life requires good old work and effort…

Anyway, it’s all just the matter being tired. I will now go, collect all the leftovers and go to bed. Tomorrow I will move out. Tomorrow I’m starting a new life. This requires a good sleep, am I right?

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