My mom is cheating on my dad.

The situation is pretty complicated and unpleasant. Recently I have found out that my mom has been cheating on my dad. I haven’t talked to her yet. What I can’t stand about the situation is her presence. I mean she pretends to be a loving wife and caring mother. I bet my dad has no idea what’s going on. And I do love both of them and do not want him to be treated like this.

I’ve learnt about her unfaithfulness by accident. I was ill and spent several days staying at home. That night I planned to stay at home as well. But my friends had a party and they insisted me to come. I could hardly resist the invitation as I was terribly bored. Dad came back home and mom was busy accomplishing the project she had been working on. Well, nothing special actually. So I decided to hang out with my friends. I felt much better at the time. I’m sure mom thought I was at home. I didn’t inform her I was going out. We dropped into a shop to buy snacks. When I was going out I saw her sitting in the car and kissing another man. It was the worst moment in whole my life. I mean I was devastated by what I saw. Fortunately (or not) she didn’t notice me. I felt desperate and I’m still depressed. I can’t stand her lying us. Next morning I spent in a bed. I didn’t want to see anyone. Two weeks have passed since that meeting. I became pretty suspicious. I do not know how I managed to be unaware of some obvious things. I have noticed she is at work until 9 or sometimes 10 p.m. On the weekends she says she is going to visit her close friend living in the other city. For some reason she never invites us. And actually we are okay with it. But now I know what’s going on. It seems like my dad knows nothing. So they look like a happy couple. But that’s really terrible. I do not want my dad to be betrayed and cheated on. They have been living for about 17 years and how could she do it after it? And I do not understand her at all. I mean it is terrible to realize that someone you love and appreciate most of all in your life is lying you and betraying you. I mean why is she doing it? My parents have been loving each other. Moreover they respect each other. But it seems like she doesn’t care much about it. And she doesn’t care about our feelings.

I wanted to talk to her. But today I hesitate. For me it is pretty touchy. But at the same time I do not want it to be continued. I doubt whether I should talk to my dad. I know he loves her very much and he appreciates her. I mean I do not want to disappoint him and hurt his feelings…

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