Monthly Archives: October 2012

You often may hear the following words:” If you have quarreled with your friend that means that person wasn’t your true friend actually”. But though it may sound sad even the friendship which has undergone the time assay may end in one moment. It seems to be a surprise but the older the friendship is the more reasons for numerous endless arguments tend to accumulate. Mutual demands that were not met, dissatisfaction will inevitably lead to a conflict but some people have enough wisdom to solve all the problems peacefully but the most part of the people can’t cope with their troubles. When the people decide that their friendship can’t last any more their situation must be examined and analyzed separately. It is not a rare case when the arguments start without any explicit reason.

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Some people claim that they are not loved by the others and they do not know how to earn this love. However, the recipe is pretty simple – start loving yourself, because, who else, if not you? Healthy egotism will help you to enjoy life and become a happier person, so why not start loving yourself right now?

First of all, take care of yourself. Remember what brings you joy and stop refusing from it. The care can be expressed in the choice of the circle of friends, in changing your activity or even in allowing yourself to cry or laugh when you want without paying attention to conventions.

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