Love Yourself – the Use of Egotism

Some people claim that they are not loved by the others and they do not know how to earn this love. However, the recipe is pretty simple – start loving yourself, because, who else, if not you? Healthy egotism will help you to enjoy life and become a happier person, so why not start loving yourself right now?

First of all, take care of yourself. Remember what brings you joy and stop refusing from it. The care can be expressed in the choice of the circle of friends, in changing your activity or even in allowing yourself to cry or laugh when you want without paying attention to conventions.

It is often not the lack of time or money which prevents us from fulfilling our dreams but the false sense of duty. You refuse from your dreams in order to help the other but the first person you should help is yourself. To start realizing your dreams you should clearly define them first. So, put them down and answer the question – what factors do not allow you to reach your goals and are these factors really important according to your personal system of values?

Another step to a happier life is understanding your emotions. Emotions are like the road signs on the way to your goal which help you to understand whether the direction you have chosen is right. It works pretty simple – if you feel joy from what you are doing, it means that you do everything right.

Finally, you should love your body no matter what defects you think you have. Eat whenever you want, but use qualitative products, give yourself a rest when you feel tired, admire your physical appearance as your body is the main instrument which connects you with the material world and allows you to taste all pleasures of life.

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