Why Does Even Longest Frienship Come to an End?

You often may hear the following words:” If you have quarreled with your friend that means that person wasn’t your true friend actually”. But though it may sound sad even the friendship which has undergone the time assay may end in one moment. It seems to be a surprise but the older the friendship is the more reasons for numerous endless arguments tend to accumulate. Mutual demands that were not met, dissatisfaction will inevitably lead to a conflict but some people have enough wisdom to solve all the problems peacefully but the most part of the people can’t cope with their troubles. When the people decide that their friendship can’t last any more their situation must be examined and analyzed separately. It is not a rare case when the arguments start without any explicit reason.

Chronic fatigue, problems at work, health troubles make us irritable and intolerant. We began noticing the disadvantages and negative traces of our friends’ personalities though we could somehow accept them previously. The words and actions of other people hurt us as we become more vulnerable.

Generally the people make friends with those who share their interests or life views. Gradually the interests and life views alter as the people grow up. With the experience comes wisdom and sensible thinking. But there are situations when one person stays at one stage and another moves forward. The people who don’t develop themselves prefer to take the things easy and don’t feel like changing anything. Their friend don’t understand their position and vanish from their lives one by one. Their friends try to help them and trow them a life ring but soon they realize that there isn’t any point in making so much efforts.

Another reason for the long friendship may come to an end is the mere jealousy. The signs of attention and interest may be mistaken for flirtation.

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