Monthly Archives: October 2013

This article is a joke but there sure is a grain of truth. I’ve heard all the songs that I list here and even seen music videos, and now I can never unsee it. Honestly, these blew my mind in the worst way imaginable.
Samwell- What what (in the butt)
I seriously hate myself for googling the name of this band, I’ve got to clear my google search history like right now. I would’ve never heard it if it wasn’t for one of my old acquaintances. This song has split my life in two parts: before and after I heard it. If you haven’t heard it and you are one of those people who like listening to such songs for fun, try it, I dare you. P.S. I don’t bear any responsibility for your mental health after listening to that 😀
PSY – Gangnam Style
I know this song itself is a joke, a parody or something, but for those who don’t know Korean, it sounds and looks bizarre to say the least. How can I live in the world where Gangnam style is in the Guinness Book of Records? And how can someone like that? It does look like all the people in the video are only a bit more intelligent than cows. Wait… Have I just insulted cows?
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