The Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was received political asylum by Ecuador. This gesture was widely criticized by British and Swedish politicians.In 2010 Julian Assange was accused of sexual assault of two women in Sweden. Assange assumed that “the charges were without basis and their issue [at the moment] was deeply disturbing”. Nowadays Swedish authorities require to extradite Assange to Sweden. Assange is afraid that Sweden would extradite him to the USA where he might be inflicted death penalty. His attorney Mark Stephens believes that Sweden cooperates with the USA. “We are hearing that the Swedish are prepared to drop the rape charges against Julian as soon as the Americans demand his extradition”. At the same time the United States assure that they are not going to interfere in the case as it concerns mainly Sweden and Britain.

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I believe the most fascinating and the most meaningful news / blog and forum posts are that about scientific discoveries, no matter if they are big or not. Here is a few pieces of news I find pretty interesting:

1.Not So Sweet Tomatoes.

Using genetics scientists discovered why natural tomatoes from your arm are always sweeter than those you buy in a supermarket. They found so called genetic switch responsible for the level of sugar in tomatoes. Tomatoes bred for better transportation and firmness have this switch turned off. Now that the reason of that is known, scientists may create tomatoes that can both: remain fresh for a long period of time and be sweet at the same time.

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