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You often may hear the following words:” If you have quarreled with your friend that means that person wasn’t your true friend actually”. But though it may sound sad even the friendship which has undergone the time assay may end in one moment. It seems to be a surprise but the older the friendship is the more reasons for numerous endless arguments tend to accumulate. Mutual demands that were not met, dissatisfaction will inevitably lead to a conflict but some people have enough wisdom to solve all the problems peacefully but the most part of the people can’t cope with their troubles. When the people decide that their friendship can’t last any more their situation must be examined and analyzed separately. It is not a rare case when the arguments start without any explicit reason.

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The situation is pretty complicated and unpleasant. Recently I have found out that my mom has been cheating on my dad. I haven’t talked to her yet. What I can’t stand about the situation is her presence. I mean she pretends to be a loving wife and caring mother. I bet my dad has no idea what’s going on. And I do love both of them and do not want him to be treated like this.

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The ubiquity of global networks has led to the fact more and more people prefer to get to know each other without ‘getting up from their chairs’.

However, fans of this kind of “relationships” should know a horrible and at the same time, quite a typical story about a 18-year-old American Alicia Kazakevich. When she was a young girl, she was kidnapped by a 38-year-old man, whom she met in the Internet. This poor girl was chained up in his house and repeatedly raped by that man. Fortunately, the FBI officers rescued the girl from sexual slavery, but after that incident Alicia decided to help potential victims of network starting the survival courses for those who begin to communicate in the Internet.

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