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Hate these days…

I’m so tired that I can’t even read… Well, I clearly see that I’m a very bad mover-out.

The thing is that I have to leave my apartment tomorrow. And here I am: sitting in the middle of the stuff-hill and writing this blog. Have you ever thought why it is so difficult to pack your thing before moving out?

I think I have the answer. It’s all about the great amount of things you find in every corner of your apartment. When you live at one place you never pay attention to this stuff and you seem to have very few of them. Veeeeeery few. Well, if you think so you are a fool like me)

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It’s extremely important for a year-old baby to develop his physical and mental skills. To discern his abilities is the task of his parents and it’s important not to lose the moment to start training. And the first thing you have to teach your child is to play games. Games set up a child for a positive wave, teach him to behave unassisted, develop his perception of the world, help to learn new things, train his memory and speech.

There’s so much information around a little baby, and everything should be learned, that’s why parents have to keep in mind that all the aspects for the correct development of a child should be reflected in their games. For example, with a one-year-old child it’s necessary to learn more about nature and music and how to work with a construction set. Games should be various. Every day choose different games which are aimed at developing different child’s skills. Don’t overload a baby with playing and also be in harmony with your and your child’s possibilities, mood and time limits.
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