Date Me…Mate Me

The ubiquity of global networks has led to the fact more and more people prefer to get to know each other without ‘getting up from their chairs’.

However, fans of this kind of “relationships” should know a horrible and at the same time, quite a typical story about a 18-year-old American Alicia Kazakevich. When she was a young girl, she was kidnapped by a 38-year-old man, whom she met in the Internet. This poor girl was chained up in his house and repeatedly raped by that man. Fortunately, the FBI officers rescued the girl from sexual slavery, but after that incident Alicia decided to help potential victims of network starting the survival courses for those who begin to communicate in the Internet.

Indeed, the main drawback of virtual dating is the fact that corresponding with a person, you never know who he or she actually is and which goals they pursue. That’s why it’s almost impossible to unmask a cheater, abuser or impostor among a huge number of Internet users. You can see an amazingly beautiful girl or handsome guy on the photos, but in reality they are totally different. So, it is clear that such a disguise is not just a fun for many users. Most of the people who visit online dating resorts are strongly afraid of being rejected in reality by a girl or a man, while it’s not that painful just to stop correspondence in the Internet.

It’s much worse, when a potential friend is actually a sexual pervert. According to experts, the probability of meeting such a person in the Internet is several times higher than in real life. The worst thing is that the victims of these perverts are mostly teenagers. There are no possibilities to close dating sites from people under 18 years.

Money losses are also significant in this point. So, in the Internet dating sites a great number of crooks and blackmailers work pretty efficiently, extorting large sums of money from their unsuspecting companions. Of course, Internet impostors are good psychologists. They are able to manipulate their victims the right way, finding out something they want to hear in fact.

In case you still believe you can find your better half through the dating sites, try to follow these rules:

-Have a look at your acquaintance’s friends. He or she should have some friends, and they should seem real. An absolutely single person is quite suspicious.

-Ask as many questions as possible. There is a chance that a cheat will sooner or later answer the same question differently.

-Try to create a new profile on this site and make the acquaintance of that man pretending to be another person. Use the same technique!

-If you decide to hang out with a person, choose a public place: a cafe or pub. Never consent to visit his house on the first date!

-Just be careful! It is known that declarations of love and compliments can melt the heart of any person, but don’t let a cheat fool you!

So, anyway, in the Internet you have to be on the alert. Don’t put at risk your health, mental state and welfare.

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